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Ergonomically designed

Optimization confort

Easy handling

Less physical effort


We design, manufacture and distribute ergonomic products.

The idea of ​​R-USE develops from the need to prevent particular pain on tasks that require a handle, so we decided to modify the conventional handle for an easier everyday use, seeking a natural and ergonomic posture (adapting the “stick” to our body and not us adapting to it).

The company continues developing and innovating new products based on ergonomic improvement. Shortly new products meeting the genuine needs of users and customers will be presented.


Obtaining an ergonomic advantage that allows optimizing the effort; increasing the productivity and reducing chronic injuries associated with bad positions. Aimed for intensive (professional) and domestic use; with several accessories designed for different uses.


Professional users are more efficient since they can work faster with less risk of injuries. Elderly users can perform domestic work regardless of age, since they can be done faster, easier and in a more efficient manner.

Higher performance with less effort prooved excellent biomechanical results.